HCG Program


Program Description/Protocol

HCG Diet Chicago

Our HCG Diet Chicago program is based on the original protocol developed by Dr. Albert T. W. Simeons, who realized that the HCG hormone could actually drain fat cells and, combined with a low calorie diet, transform them into positive natural energy.

The HCG Weight Loss program allows your body's metabolism to burn off your abnormal fat storages while maintaining your lean muscle mass.

The combination of HCG and a balanced 500-calorie diet will result in a FAST and SAFE weight loss, and the naturally induced energy and positive mental state that come along with it.

The Chicago HCG Diet offered at Garcia Medical Center is supervised by experienced physicians, assuring your safety and health.

HCG Diet Chicago Two Phase Program

The Chicago HCG Diet program is completed in two phases, both three weeks long.

Phase 1 (Initial 3 Weeks):

Comprehensive Health Exam
During the first visit, you will undergo a general health exam consisting of blood tests, a urine test, and an EKG (to rule out renal failure or any congestive diseases).

Vitamin Injections
Our HCG Weight Loss Clinic will administer a vitamin injection at each of your three visits, a special mixture of B complex and B12 vitamins to accelerate your fat burning process.

During each visit, you will be measured for body fat and body mass index. You will also receive feedback and support and we will answer any questions you might have regarding the program.

HCG Injections
The HCG injections are administered daily by you in the comfort of your own home as you follow a 500-calorie diet.

Phase 2 (3 Weeks):

Weekly Maintenance Visits
The second phase of the treatment incorporates weekly maintenance visits to our Chicago HCG Center.

Diet Instructions
At each visit, you will receive instructions on how to follow the active 500-calorie diet, which consists of vegetables, fruits and two meals of 3.5 oz. of protein while taking the HCG injections.

Vitamin Injections and Measurements
The B complex and B12 vitamins shots will continue at each of these visits as body fat and body mass index rates are measured.

Our experienced physicians at HCG Weight Loss Clinic will continue to offer feedback and support as you finish the HCG program and reach your weight loss goal.